Rainy Days and Cookies

Something about very rainy days makes me want to bake cookies. This is a problem since I live in the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of rainy days. My cookie baking urge hits often but the family never seems to mind. My freezer, however, is filled with random amounts of frozen cookie dough from past batches. When it’s rainy and the baking urge hits I don’t want to pull cookies out of the freezer to cook. I want to mix up the dough and form them into little balls and then bake, no shortcuts! I should clarify that for the most part those frozen cookie dough pieces do eventually get eaten.

Since the first day of Falll we’ve been getting some considerable rainy periods and I’ve been itching to make some cookies. I knew just the cookie I was going to make. When Isabelle bought school lunch on Tuesday her menu said she would get a Ranger Cookie with her meal. Curious, since I’d never had a Ranger Cookie, I asked her about it on our walk home. She told me that it was a pretty regular cookie with cinnamon. Hmmm…that didn’t sound very ranger like to me. So this whole scene unfolded with me looking up Ranger Cookie recipes and images and showing them to her to see if that is what she ate. Brian thought I was crazy as I showed her image after image but I was just so curious about them and wanted to know what it was like. She assured me, as I was listing off the typical Ranger Cookie ingredients, that none of those things were in her cookie. What?! Eventually, we concluded (through more research and image searching) that what she ate must have been a snickerdoodle. Well, she’s never had a snickerdoodle either so it was not a cookie she could identify. Now, she can (maybe?).

So if you’ve never had a Ranger Cookie either let me give you the highlights. Ranger Cookies have all the makings of your basic cookie recipe with the addition of oats, shredded coconut, and crispy rice cereal. Those are the key ingredients I found in my searching. Some people add chocolate chips, some nuts but they all had the oats, coconut, and crispy rice cereal.

Now for my version. Even though none of us has eaten a regular Ranger Cookie I was not going to make a sugary and flour filled cookie just for the sake of trying them. We could get the idea of a Ranger Cookie even if it is gluten-free and honey sweetened. I adapted my favorite trail mix cookie recipe to substitute some of the nut and seed ingredients with the must have Ranger Cookie ingredients and added chocolate chips because you just can’t go wrong with that.


Ranger Cookies are good! They are a perfect match for my family since they love oats, coconut, and crispy rice cereal (and chocolate chips, but that probably doesn’t need to be specified). And I got to make the mysterious Ranger Cookies and fulfill my rainy day baking urge. Based on the family’s response to the cookies, the Ranger Cookie dough in the freezer will likely get used sooner rather than later, no worries there.


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