My Story

My journey to better eating began a few years ago when I realized that I wouldn’t feed my daughter the junk I was eating, see frozen convenience foods, lots of baked goodies, and prepackaged items like rice in a box. If it wasn’t ok for her to eat then why did I think it was ok for me to eat? So my family of three began to transition slowly incorporating more fruits and veggies into our daily life and getting away from the convenience foods.

After having my second daughter I really began paying attention to how much produce I was eating and trying to balance that with the other food categories. We started putting (and yes, even hiding!) fruits and veggies in everything possible. I had cut back on grains so much just by trying to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in a day that when I ate a meal heavy with grains I would feel very sluggish right after. Pizza nights were tough for me!

We made some serious changes when a friend of Brian’s introduced us to the book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution. After reading the book and being quite convinced that a lot of the information in the book made sense for us we adopted Dr. Gundry’s recommended diet. We made some major changes like removing cow’s milk, adding in nuts and seeds, cutting out most grains, not eating things with added sugars, and increasing our consumption of produce. The results were amazing. We both lost weight, not that there was much for either of us to lose, but better than that we felt great. Grains and sugar go hand in hand, so as long as we stayed away from both we didn’t experience cravings or feelings of deprivation. We were always so full after eating that our nightly desserts became a thing of the past.

About a year after more or less following the Dr. Gundry eating plan we decided to take it a step further and cut down on our meat and dairy consumption. While we were not drinking cow’s milk, we were still eating cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. I started playing with vegan recipes to see if incorporating vegan meals would be accepted by my family. During my recipe and general vegan information searching I found Oh She Glows. Pretty much the best vegan blog out there. Every recipe I tried was a win! I had never been against eating meat but after reducing our meat consumption I find that most times, I don’t miss it. There are so many other wonderful flavors provided by spices, legumes, and vegetables that the meat flavor just gets in the way now. That being said, there is no substitute for bacon (right?!).

So, here we are incorporating some vegan, mostly grain-free, no refined sugar, and very little dairy into our diets. It’s a mish-mash. We are the weird family that doesn’t eat many prepared foods. My kids have no idea what pop-tarts are and know that if they want to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks mom will be making it for them. Yes, we are weird but we are just trying to do what makes us feel our best right now and for the long haul.

I started this blog after I read Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter. While Brian and my eating style had changed we didn’t force too much of it on the girls because we thought it would be too much for them. They ate some things we ate and sometimes they ate totally different things. I was feeding my kids things that I would definitely not feed myself. Yes, kids need to be kids, but my kids don’t need to have a sandwich every single day for lunch. There are other options (not to include macaroni and cheese!). This blog documents my journey to feed my kids more like I feed myself and my husband. My hope is that it keeps me motivated to just say no the typical sandwich lunch or pasta dinner and provide them with food that I feel good about it.



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