Granola Bars

Homemade granola bars are amazing! I just love that you can customize them to your own tastes with your own add ins.

You know I’m a huge fan of knowing exactly what’s in my food. When I make my own granola bars I get to be in charge of how sweet (or not) they are. Even before we went no sugar, no grains I liked making granola bars over buying them because I felt like there was more substance to them. Since really cutting back on refined sugar I haven’t made granola bars much because all the recipes I have are loaded with sugar.

A few weeks ago my favorite healthy food blog (Oh She Glows) featured two granola bar recipes! Yesterday, I tried one of them with great result. These granola bars are sweetened with banana and whatever add ins you choose. Plus, the base is oatmeal (no additional flour needed) and chopped nuts. They are filled with all sorts of good seeds too, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp hearts, and we added chia.


I like to split my granola bar dough in half and make two kinds at once. We stirred mini dark chocolate chips and raisins in one half and coconut flakes in the other. We (my two little helpers and I) pressed them into different halves of the pan and waited to see how they would turn out.


The result was fantastic! Chewy and flavorful, just sweet enough but not too much. The seeds add great texture and help to give the bars some real substance. And they are very portable as they hold their shape well without crumbling (a problem I’ve had with other no sugar granola bar recipes).

I will definitely be making these granola bars again and again!


Today my head was swimming with so many thoughts but nothing very concrete or actionable. Maybe it’s the short week or not having much of a menu plan this week? Anyways, I was feeling very uninspired in the cooking department. I did want to make something today but I just didn’t ever figure out what it was that I wanted to cook.

Thankfully, I was able to give the girls leftovers from yesterday for lunch.


As a bonus, I made chocolate covered peanut, almond, and raisin clusters. I’ve made lots of chocolate covered nut clusters in the past and for some reason never added raisins. The chocolate covered raisins were so good! Raisinets are a fond memory for me and I imagine my chocolate covered raisins to be similar to them. I’m certain that is not true, though, I haven’t had Raisinets in so many years and my tastes are so different now I would probably dislike them¬†and much prefer the homemade version. I believe I’ve stumbled upon something special with the chocolate covered raisins. Brian was already dreaming about chocolate covered cranberries. =)

This dinner came together pretty well for no real plan. Of course, it was a veggie bowl since no real plan is needed for those. Tonight’s Veggie Bowl had a super greens base topped with roasted asparagus, green beans, onions, daikon (a first for my family), and almonds. I added a little ground turkey (seriously, had no idea where I was going with this dinner) and drizzled olive oil over the top.


Despite not knowing what I was actually making these veggie bowls turned out delicious. How can you go wrong with roasted vegetables and olive oil?

To combat my uninspiredness (yep, I make up words) I have already planned a creamy vegan tomato soup (Oh She Glows cookbook!) for dinner tomorrow. The trick is when I will get the chance to make it due to field trips and soccer practice but it looks easy enough that I hope I can fit it in between the activities.