My Favorite Lunch and I Fed it to My Kids

Without a doubt not eating bread has allowed my kids to be more adventurous eaters. I used to get sandwich requests on the daily and now when I ask what they would like for lunch they mostly say whatever I make.

Ok then, maybe they will eat what I wanted. We happened to have all the ingredients for (one of) my favorite lunch salads. Considering how much my kids enjoy all the individual ingredients to this salad I thought putting them together just might work out.


The salad has shredded carrots, chopped red cabbage, and kale. On top is a peanut butter, soy sauce dressing. The dressing is thick and on occasion you get a bite of crunchy vegetables and a chunk of peanut butter dressing, oh so good! Izzy loved the salad, Lexi didn’t love the dressing as much but by the end was coming around.

If I fed them sandwiches everyday opportunities to try stuff like this would never come up. When bread isn’t over powering your tastes those vegetable cravings have a chance to come up. Like this lunch from yesterday:


Yes, it’s a wrap which isn’t bread free but this wrap is filled with vegetables. There are carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and olives in this wrap. Izzy actually requested a veggie wrap for lunch. Her taste for veggies are ever-increasing. Let’s get in all the veggies we can before the allure of camping foods take over!