Healthy Brownies

Brian has been on a sugar kick lately (probably because he didn’t recover from the weekend with me and the girls). He’s not a huge sweets fan so I usually indulge him when it happens. I prefer to feed my family homemade sweets over store-bought goodies. At least that way we know exactly what’s in them (no weird oils or fake sugars, etc). For that reason any time I make cookies I freeze at least half the dough in cookie shape ready to be baked up whenever the desire strikes.

Currently, my freezer cookie stash is looking sad. So I made brownies for the family. These are my favorite brownies and they just happen to be relatively healthy (I mean really as much as brownies can be). We’ve made homemade brownies a number of times including the traditional sugar laden, butter filled kind and I always come back to these. Funny enough the recipe comes from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook (yes, the one where she puts vegetables into everything). Trust me, you won’t regret adding spinach to your brownies!

The brownies are made with oat flour and include more vegetable purees (half cup of carrot or pumpkin and half cup of spinach!) than flour or sugar. The real yum factor comes from using both cocoa powder and real melted chocolate.


We shared a few with our neighbor and these two little brownies were all that remained of an 8 by 8 pan. Dare you to not do the same.