Sunday Brunch

The family and I decided to go for the early church service in Tacoma. Early service means getting up and leaving the house earlier than on a school day, yikes! It also means there is no time for a real breakfast. A bowl of cereal or grain-free granola was all we had time for. However, in addition to actually making it to church we were looking forward to having brunch afterward.

Brunch is very much a fall/winter thing in our household. During the spring and summer we are gone camping or doing other activities that lazy weekend mornings are rare. In the fall, though, football starts and Brian loves to watch it so we end up lounging around the house and brunch begins making its way into our weekends.

Our brunch this past Sunday was not spectacular in terms of spread but it was spectacular in terms of taste. I like brunch to be buffet style with lots of different options: sweet and savory, fruits, and even a little dessert. And the girls like the idea that they get to fill their plates themselves with all the choices. Not this brunch. This brunch was made when I was hungry and didn’t want to go overboard with the making of all the food. No choices for this brunch, I dished up the plates and that was all there was.

The most exciting part of brunch was that I, for the very first time ever, made eggs benedict! Brian likes eggs benedict and I’ve always thought it seemed so fancy. Too fancy for me to actually make on my own. Inspired by the recipe I saw in a cookbook I decided to give it a try. So glad I did because now I am also a fan of eggs benedict! The recipe I used is actually from the Against All Grain Cookbook and it’s here. The method in the cookbook was much easier and gave a lot more information but the online version has the ingredients and ratios so I’ll be using those and sticking to the cookbook methodology.


Yeah, we went a little heavy with the hollandaise sauce (oh so good!). The poached eggs are hiding under there, I promise, as is some roasted cabbage and chickpea flour pancakes. I cannot say enough good things about chickpea flour pancakes. They are my new go-to. First, they are easy: chickpea flour and water with some spices! Second, I can make as few or as many as I want at a time. Third, the flavor is so unique. And lastly, they are incredibly versatile. I used them for my tacos the other night, I’ve used them as wraps for lunch, and here they serve as a nice hearty base to soak up all that delicious hollandaise.

The flavor combination of the chickpea flour pancakes, the roasted cabbage, the poached egg, and the hollandaise was out of this world good! Since, it was my first attempt I only made one for everyone but we really could have used a second one (note for next time). Brunch was rounded out with some apples, some leftover fruit salad (various fruits, unsweetened coconut flakes, and homemade honey sweetened whipped cream), and a sample of sausage (also leftover).

No, this brunch wasn’t brimming with variety but what we did have was so tasty it didn’t matter.

Super Size Zucchini Pancake

We received another Terra Organics delivery today. I’ve got to say I’m just loving it! Getting the veggies with all the greens attached as they were grown is absolutely amazing. My salads are so exciting when I get to add in those additional greens. Regular lettuce does get a little old day after day so adding the green tops from seasonal vegetables really amps up my salads. We got something new in our box today: kohlrabi (with greens attached!!). The girls were intrigued and up for trying it out at lunch time along with some of the carrot greens.


This is a simple lunch of purple carrots and their greens, kohlrabi, radish, and pears. The main focus was the chicken quinoa soup. I happened to have cooked quinoa, chicken, onions, and broth in my fridge so it was very easy to throw it all together and heat. Verdict on the kohlrabi is: yum! It’s a bit like a radish but not spicy and kind of like a broccoli in texture. We ate ours raw as I’m guessing we will do with the rest of them but you can cook them too.

During my search for what to make for breakfast this morning I came across a recipe for zucchini pancakes with chickpea flour. Dinner, dinner! We just received the biggest zucchini I have ever seen and this recipe called for quite a bit of zucchini so I figured we could put a dent in this mondo zucchini. Really, I think this zucchini was a Veggie Tales cast member it was so big. The recipe is a bit like zucchini fritters but without eggs and with some earthy Indian spices. It’s nice to have a pancake/fritter recipe without the eggs. And I didn’t miss the eggs at all.


The pancakes are made super size as well. They each take up the whole skillet. Generally I like things like that but these pancakes were a little bit of work due to the batter consistency and size. Next time, if I can remember, I will try them in smaller sizes to see if they cook up a little easier. All in all, they were very good and despite my worries of how they would go over with the girls they liked them just fine as well. I kept thinking the pancakes deserved a sauce, possibly hummus or some sort of yogurt sauce, but in fact they were delicious as is.

Guess what else I did today? I made my birthday ice cream for tomorrow! I got a little preview before I put it in the freezer and mmmmm we are in for a treat! It wouldn’t really be fair to discuss it too much without having a picture to put with the description so you’ll have to wait to see what I did.


Celebration Day

We celebrated the end of the school year, the end of soccer, and the completion of Brian’s marathon all in our Super Celebration Saturday. We celebrate with food =) and sometimes by watching a family movie (Monsters Inc. this time). The day would have been a little more celebratory except that Lexi didn’t take a nap two days in a row and was not feeling well.

wpid-imag1633.jpg             Izzy at her last soccer game!

One of our favorite family night activities is making homemade pizza. It has been a long time since we’ve done it and the super celebration day seemed like the perfect day (aside from the fact that Izzy had pizza for lunch at her soccer party-though our pizza is much more real than what she ate).

My current favorite regular pizza crust recipe is this honey wheat pizza crust. I say regular because the past few times I’ve made pizza we go for a really thin crust. I have probably ten pizza crust recipes that I use based on what we’re feeling. Brian’s pizza was chicken, bacon, ranch (with some bonuses like roasted broccoli). The girls like to mound whatever we’ve got on their pizza. Their pizza is separate because they love olives on it and Brian can’t stand olives. And lastly, I make my own pizza because I cannot handle a regular pizza crust. Instead, I use a low carb wrap or some other option for my pizza. I tried out a new recipe for a giant chickpea flour pancake that I used as the crust and topped with sauce, veggies and almond vegan cheese. Unfortunately, my chickpea flour pancake did not stay together and required me to use a fork. It was less like a pizza but still tasty.


After eating so much pizza I had to give them a little pie to complete celebration day. The official unveiling of the pie flavor: Ferrero Rocher Pie. The candies are one of Brian’s favorite things so the pie attempts to recreate the flavors. I adapted the recipe to use a toasted hazelnut crust and added in some wafer cookies to the filling.


The pie was delicious. Toasted hazelnut crust, cream cheese and Nutella filling, and whipped cream with chunks of Ferrero Rocher candies inside. To top off that I shaved some dark chocolate and chopped up some toasted hazelnuts.

The celebration continues as we have a ton of pizza and pie leftover. And since there was so much pizza dough I saved some to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It is a super celebration weekend! Tomorrow we kickoff our first week of summer with swim lessons, dance classes, and some summer learning. I’m looking forward to spending time together, making memories, and spending time at home.