Not As Planned

I am on a streak. A streak of things not going as I hoped they would. Time to adjust my expectations? Possibly. Little things not going as planned are an inevitable part of life (I keep telling Isabelle the same, she is so much like me). It gets a little sticky when little thing after little thing keeps getting messed up. What I try to remember is that my life is pretty darn amazing if i can stress the little things, so I should not stress the little things! That being said disappointment is disappointment no matter how small.

Brian and I planned on finally using a restaurant voucher that we got for Christmas tomorrow night. We had his mom lined up to be with the kids and I was very, very excited to finally get to go with Brian out to this amazing restaurant. We originally planned the outing for May but life got in the way and we rescheduled to this Thursday. Well, we may have rescheduled it on our calendar but when we called to schedule it on the restaurant’s calendar they had no tables for tomorrow! A Thursday evening and no tables?! What?! So no dinner out with the hubby tomorrow and I’m pretty bummed about it.

As a consolation we will be eating the lentil loaf I intended on cooking for dinner tonight (it better be some very good lentil loaf to console me). The recipe is from Oh She Glows. I’ve made it in the past and it usually is pretty delish. Unfortunately, unlike meatloaf it does take some extra prep work. That’s what I did this afternoon, prepped it so we could enjoy it tonight for dinner. I was feeling so on top of it for having it all ready and in the pan to pop in the oven this evening. The girls and I were just going to go to the store and pick out a new outfit for each of them for back to school and be back in time to cook up the lentil loaf. I had hoped to have a somewhat early dinner so everyone could go to bed early tonight. But then, we didn’t get home from shopping until 6! Lentil loaf takes an hour to cook, that is not an early to dinner and bed. I improvised (actually, I improvised after being unhappy about the late hour and still unhappy to be missing out on my outing tomorrow and realizing that instead of goey cheese and chocolate I’d be eating lentil loaf). What can I make that is fast?! Eggs, that’s what came to mind.

Breakfast for dinner is fun, right? Breakfast for dinner is fast (in theory). I made scrambled eggs with spinach and onions topped with a tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish, and oil salad and hummus. To go along with the eggs I made a speedy (see: microwaved to warm/soften and broiled to add the crunch) apple oat crumble (less sweet more breakfasty).


As you can imagine the breakfast version of apple crumble was gobbled up immediately and the eggs were good too. All’s well that ends well; however, you can be sure that we’ve already made reservations for next week for our dinner out and I’m sure I’ll be happy tomorrow that my lentil loaf is prepped and just needs to be baked.

Tuna Salad!

A couple of weeks ago Brian’s friend from his former work gave us some salmon and sea bass that he had caught and a can of lemon tuna that he had caught and canned. This tuna has been starting us in the face basically everyday for 2 weeks now and the time had come to bust open the can and eat it! You have no idea how many times I considered cracking it open just to have a bite. But it was a sizeable can of tuna and with no plans for the rest of it that would just not be sensible.

We ate that tuna on a salad (of course!). And it was tasty, totally worth the wait! The tuna salad had grilled asparagus, grill roasted walnuts, onions, cucumbers, pickles, celery, broccoli, and carrots. I topped our salads with some tangy lemon mustard dressing and a little vegan goddess dressing.


It was such a yummy salad that Lexi finished hers and asked for more. Amazing, since she is the least enthusiastic salad eater out of all of us. Maybe it was the tuna, or maybe the roasted walnuts, who knows!

Additionally, this is the second night in a row that I grilled and I’m planning on grilling tomorrow too. I’m on a grilling hot streak! Today was not planned. The girls wanted to play outside in their pool so instead of cooking the asparagus and walnuts inside I brought them out so I could cook dinner and let the girls play safely. I also grilled some eggs in muffin tins to send with Brian for breakfast or Izzy for lunch.

The mornings have been a little hectic getting lunches in lunchboxes, making sure the girls have gotten enough cereal and fruit, packing my breakfast (I just can’t eat a real breakfast until after 9), and packing a breakfast for Brian. We are going through tupperware like crazy since everyone is packing food (except little Miss Lexi)!


I’ve never made this before but eggs and some add ins with the smoky grilled flavor have got to be good, right? Hope so because it was crazy easy, literally crack some eggs into greased muffin tins and add what you want or don’t and call it good. Stay tuned for grilling night number 3! Let’s see so far I grilled veggies, eggs, cookies, and nuts. What’s missing? Meat, tomorrow there will be some, pretty much out of necessity than actual desire.

Super Size Zucchini Pancake

We received another Terra Organics delivery today. I’ve got to say I’m just loving it! Getting the veggies with all the greens attached as they were grown is absolutely amazing. My salads are so exciting when I get to add in those additional greens. Regular lettuce does get a little old day after day so adding the green tops from seasonal vegetables really amps up my salads. We got something new in our box today: kohlrabi (with greens attached!!). The girls were intrigued and up for trying it out at lunch time along with some of the carrot greens.


This is a simple lunch of purple carrots and their greens, kohlrabi, radish, and pears. The main focus was the chicken quinoa soup. I happened to have cooked quinoa, chicken, onions, and broth in my fridge so it was very easy to throw it all together and heat. Verdict on the kohlrabi is: yum! It’s a bit like a radish but not spicy and kind of like a broccoli in texture. We ate ours raw as I’m guessing we will do with the rest of them but you can cook them too.

During my search for what to make for breakfast this morning I came across a recipe for zucchini pancakes with chickpea flour. Dinner, dinner! We just received the biggest zucchini I have ever seen and this recipe called for quite a bit of zucchini so I figured we could put a dent in this mondo zucchini. Really, I think this zucchini was a Veggie Tales cast member it was so big. The recipe is a bit like zucchini fritters but without eggs and with some earthy Indian spices. It’s nice to have a pancake/fritter recipe without the eggs. And I didn’t miss the eggs at all.


The pancakes are made super size as well. They each take up the whole skillet. Generally I like things like that but these pancakes were a little bit of work due to the batter consistency and size. Next time, if I can remember, I will try them in smaller sizes to see if they cook up a little easier. All in all, they were very good and despite my worries of how they would go over with the girls they liked them just fine as well. I kept thinking the pancakes deserved a sauce, possibly hummus or some sort of yogurt sauce, but in fact they were delicious as is.

Guess what else I did today? I made my birthday ice cream for tomorrow! I got a little preview before I put it in the freezer and mmmmm we are in for a treat! It wouldn’t really be fair to discuss it too much without having a picture to put with the description so you’ll have to wait to see what I did.


Here We Go Again…

Yesterday was all about bettering our tummies from the food filled weekend. Soup just equals healing to me and breakfast is not too early for soup.

I used to be a sweet food breakfast eater (loved me a breakfast of cake and cup of coffee) but I have since changed my ways. Soup is a great way to start the day (or any dinner leftovers really). Brian used to joke that if you add an egg to anything it’s breakfast. My previous breakfast traditionalist self was appalled by such comments but now I’m like why bother adding the egg. Good food is good food any time of day.

Tummy healing soup for breakfast? You bet! Even the girls did not mind too much. The soup was hot and sour soup (no hot for the littles) which is mostly broth. Then I did add an egg in the form of omelettes stuffed with garlic broccoli, power greens, and a little shredded cheddar to win them over. Peaches helped my case.


For lunch I couldn’t feed them more soup since that’s what I planned for dinner (mixed lentil soup with side salads). We went the smoothie route instead. Apple pie smoothies and raw veggies helped heal our tummies. I made the apple pie smoothie with raw apples chopped up and then blended into the smoothie. The smoothies were refreshing and needed no extra sweetener. I will save my smoothie versus juicing rant for another time (lucky you!).


The girls got a bonus almond meal pancake that was leftover from last week. Lexi asked this is all we get for lunch but I believe she was full when she finished. Most importantly, everyone was feeling way better than the day before. Another successful weekend recovery day. I’d love to say we shouldn’t need another one anytime soon but we are going camping for Memorial day weekend. Our fate lies in the hands of how many s’mores and hot dogs we consume (uh oh!).