This Week…

This week has turned into a very unexpected week. It’s been a short week but very eventful. Lexi had a school field trip at a farm today. Brian worked from home so that he could take care of picking Izzy up from the bus and feeding her lunch. They fended for themselves for lunch and I packed a lunch for Lexi and me to eat at the farm.

The farm was neat. We got to feed and pet camels, donkeys, pigs, goats, and more. Plus we got to eat lunch with the class (very exciting for a preschooler!). I had packed a pretty basic lunch for us. Salad for me. Peanut butter oatmeal balls, carrots and pickles, and an apple for Lexi. What’s funny is as I’m looking around at what everyone else has for lunch I see a lot of capri-suns, sandwiches, goldfish and lunchables. A little girl across from us had a whole blueberry bagel filled with cream cheese and a side of goldfish crackers. That poor girl was eyeing our lunch so we shared our apple and she asked for carrots too (no way could I deny her of some fruits and veggies even if it means sharing some germs)! Meanwhile she, of course, could not finish her giant bagel.

When we got home I whipped up some more chocolate covered clusters. This time heavy on the raisins and with roasted almonds (a totally different feel from yesterday).


Next, we were out of peanut butter so we made some of that as well. Separate post coming later.

We didn’t go to soccer practice tonight because Isabelle was having some behavior issues. Which means I had an unexpected free afternoon (yay!). I spent it making the aforementioned items, taking my time with dinner, and reading a whole lot of books to Lexi.

While Izzy was serving her time for bad behavior her tooth fell out! She was upset about having to be punished, but also excited about losing her top tooth.


Now for dinner. I’ve made homemade tomato soup a couple of times and had some successes and some failures. I do not have a go-to tomato soup recipe because I’ve never felt very strongly about any of my attempts. Well, I should say I did not have because I do now! The Creamy Tomato Soup recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook is my new go-to. It was easy, tasted great, and I typically have all the necessary ingredients on hand. The soup is vegan so the cream comes from soaked cashews and the tomato flavor is a mix of canned peeled tomatoes, tomato paste, and sun-dried tomatoes. The combination is perfectly tomatoey but not too acidic and nice and smooth in texture. We have a winner!


We served with some pumpkin seeds and roasted almonds on top alongside a basic salad topped with artichokes. The girls especially loved finding the seeds/nuts in their soup. Glad I found a great basic tomato soup recipe and while I’m sad that Isabelle had to be punished it was nice to have an off afternoon.