Detox and Recovery

If you haven’t been following along to hear about all the not so healthy food we’ve had recently (here and here) then today’s meals may seem a little boring. But really that is the point. We really needed to recover and get back on track and get all that bad food out of our systems. Both girls have complained about not feeling well. Poor Izzy described the exact same symptoms I get when I eat too much junk food (headaches, yucky tummy, general not feeling great).

While we have a fridge and pantry filled with leftovers from the past few days there was no way I was feeding the girls tamales, chips, or pizza for lunch. We needed some good tummy feel better food like soup. We had soup for lunch and soup for dinner. Two quite different kinds of soup and both very much enjoyed by all.



Lunchtime soup was very similar to the veggie soup I made Saturday. This soup was inspired by the Detox soup in the Oh She Glows cookbook. As I said before I love the cumin and the seaweed that gets added to this soup. We used green beans and peas to keep it basic.


Since I was already in the cookbook I found another soup to make for dinner. Spiced red lentil and spinach soup. The broth included cumin, cayenne, chili powder, coriander and smoked paprika. Spice match made in heaven. I was hoping for really spicy and added a little more spice to mine to punch it up. When I make a spicy soup for the adults I usually separate some of the soup into a separate pan and heavily spice ours and lightly spice the girls’.


On the Mend Red Lentil Soup was a success. Next to it we had some raw veggies. For me, I cut up the carrots and radishes drizzled with olive oil and a splash of apple cider vinegar, added cilantro and salt and pepper. A very simple and flavorful side. We ate a lot of soup. Hopefully, we feel a little more like our old selves tomorrow. C’mon soup!