Grilled Tofu

Last night a very sad thing happened while I was grilling dinner. Our charcoal chimney starter broke! The metal fell out from underneath (with hot coals inside). The chimney starter is what makes it possible for us to ever use the charcoal side of our grill. We had the grill for years and only used charcoal once or twice until I discovered the chimney thing. It heats up the charcoal way faster and no lighter fuel required. A replacement is definitely in order. The first was a Father’s Day present for my husband. Since I do most of the grilling and Father’s Day is still weeks off I doubt I can duplicate that gift.

We managed to save the coals and I grilled a sugar snap pea stir fry, kale, and tofu. The tofu was marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and rice wine vinegar and then dipped in a spice mix before being put on the grill. Underneath the stir fry we had millet.


We have all become fond of tofu. That is not something I ever expected to say about myself or my family.

Lunch was fairly simple I cooked up some frozen salmon burgers and served them on lettuce. Love the frozen salmon burgers, they cook up in mere minutes but seem like such a fancy meal. I slathered them with a little veganaise.


This lettuce burger was not quite as messy. Much more kid friendly than little pieces of fish. Both girls think red cabbage is delicious and I try to put it on their plates as often as we have it. They also ate pickles, cucumber, banana, and steamed cauliflower. It was incredible how fast Lexi finished her burger. Not so incredible with the cauliflower.