I am a lover of baseball, have been for years. A lot of people complain about how slow baseball is and how it’s not much fun to watch but I just love watching it (playing is a whole different story). Unfortunately for me, our lack of real cable means I don’t get to watch much baseball. A few years ago we ditched cable and Brian installed an HD antennae so we could get locally broadcast stations. What that means is I get the basic channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, and a few random extras. Do you know how much baseball they show on those stations? Well, I do, once a week, usually on Saturday they will show one game. Which game? Who knows, not the local game that’s for sure. And to keep it even more interesting, it’s always at a different time. Sometimes, the game will be on at 10 am or noon or 5 pm. There is just no telling. I have a better chance of actually going to a baseball game (I’ll take either the Mariner’s or the Rainiers, both fun to watch) than catching one on tv.

Except during playoff time. Those games are broadcast on the basic channels and that is my opportunity to soak up as much baseball as I can! Baseball Saturday happened at our house. And what says baseball better than hot dogs and french fries?!


We really jazzed up these hot dogs with cream cheese, relish, tomatoes, onions, and banana peppers. Next to the hot dogs we had peas, sweet potato fries, and roasted zucchini. The hot dogs were leftovers from camping so we only had a few and I supplemented with lentils for the girls and me. That salad you see is actually what I ate. I put all the hot dog toppings (including ketchup and mustard) on my greens. Also on my salad are the lentils and sweet potato fries. I have gotten to the point where it’s just easier (and honestly tastier) for me to just add the things to my salad instead of eating them separately. I’d rather have a salad that tastes like hot dogs and sweet potatoes than eating a boring salad next to sweet potato fries and lentils.

Remember, earlier this year when I had seen my fair share of hot dogs and couldn’t stand the thought of another? Well, I’m still there except that I can tolerate watching my family eat them, sort of. I do limit the girls, they only got half a hot dog, and I definitely don’t give them a whole bun. But the hubby makes his own choice. He is able to tolerate a little bread every now and then much better than me and probably better than the girls. So as long as this is not a daily in our house we’re ok. It sure made for a great baseball Saturday!



Grilling Streak

Three nights in a row, I busted out the grill! Last night I made steaks, leeks, green beans, and wilted super greens. I also grilled granola bars and nut granola. That brings the grilled eats to just about everything: veggies, meat, eggs, cookies, granola bars, and nuts.

Dinner was delicious. I put some feta on Brian’s steak and added sungold cherry tomatoes to everyone’s plate.


I missed taking a picture but I put my steak on super greens, topped with chopped broccoli, the tomatoes, some of the grilled granola, and a cocoa chili dressing. AMAZING! The granola and cocoa chili dressing added something very special to the steak salad.

The granola bars and granola were a little overcooked (so hard to keep watch when it’s on the grill!). But they are both still pretty tasty. I’m hoping the granola bars will come in handy for our weekend adventure. We are planning on going to Yakima and camping for a night and then heading to Mount Rainier on Sunday on our way back home. Car trips and mountain hikes seem like granola bar activities.


I considered going for a four night streak of grilling since I was going to bake sweet potato fries. They would have been delicious on the grill but I just couldn’t bring myself to put in the extra work of heading outside to start the grill. Shoot, I barely found a chance to heat my oven to put the fries in. The girls and I were engrossed in a tie dye craft session as well as me trying to do a million other things from being gone all day. Before we started our crafting I mixed up this blackeye pea salad. I’m very stuck on salad right now as that’s pretty much all I want to make or eat. The blackeye peas added a new twist and were very well received by the fam. And, anything next to sweet potato fries is a win.


Big bowl of blackeye pea salad. As long as there is a ton of veggies and beans mixed together in a big bowl I figure we have enough food for dinner.


It may not seem like much but the salad is packed full of broccoli, greens, tomatoes, onions, and blackeye peas.

Vacation bible school is going really well and is proving excellent practice for school. Despite having to drive to the same location multiple times per day I’m doing ok with it. The girls are loving it and Lexi wishes she could stay for as long as Izzy does. But Lexi and I have been using our time to do things we wouldn’t normally do. Such as, I took a nap with her two days this week! And today I took her to dance class on her own and to a new park to play. Since the camp is all week long I’ve had a chance to go for mid morning runs, do some shopping, and even sit child free in a coffee shop. Thank goodness for things going well, I was very nervous on Monday (more so than the girls!). Tomorrow is a half day for both girls so today was Izzy’s last packed lunch:


Grilled egg cup, sungold cherry tomatoes, carrots, peaches, and a broccoli, carrot, beet slaw. Lexi had the slaw yesterday for lunch. Both girls adored the slaw.

A lot of planning has gone into this week. From packing all the lunches and breakfasts to remembering my workout clothes, towel, shopping lists, sunscreen, etc. Each night I’ve been having a major prep session for the next day but that is my tendency anyway. I’m a planner so I do my planning for the day ahead and try to embrace the things that come up that I didn’t plan for (need lots of practice with that). With all the thinking about the week I’ve hardly had a chance to figure out what needs to get done so we can leave Saturday morning for our weekend adventures. That’s what tomorrow is for. Packing, cooking, planning, and enjoying the afternoon at home. In anticipation of our travels, I’m going to make a chocolate cookie with some very interesting ingredients. Hopefully, I’ll have a good post with that tomorrow. =)

Speady Dinner and Friday Equals Cookies

Well, the girls had way too much fun at the birthday party. What that means is they both complained of stomaches before we left. When we got home I intended on making soup for me to eat and have leftovers to feed them for breakfast. Instead, Brian and I devoured Spiced Red Lentil Soup (Oh She Glows) with no leftovers. Oops! So I let the girls have oatmeal for breakfast and made a brothy soup for lunch.

The soup was a spin-off of hot and sour soup without the hot and with some honey for sweetness (maybe it can be a sweet and sour soup?). They got to finish off the rest of the veggie salad with some cantaloupes.


For dinner I prepped this speedy three bean salad during lunch. It really was speedy! Most of the time on this dinner was spent whisking the dressing ingredients together (such hard work, right? ha!). The three bean salad has red beans, chickpeas, and green beans. I also used roasted red pepper and chopped kale. And the dressing is mostly lemon juice (told you, I’m on a lemon dressing kick) with a little apple cider vinegar and dijon mustard. The three bean salad was so easy and delicious, a definite keeper! In fact, I’m thinking of making some to bring to a Fourth of July party (at least then I will have something I can feel good about eating). To contrast the cold salad I cooked some sweet potato fries and served it all with some more salad (lettuce salad).


Don’t worry that fry plate is the family style plate that we place on the table and grab from. That is not Brian’s plate (although I’m sure he wouldn’t complain if it was). While the fries kind of steal the show the three bean salad was well-loved too.

Since I didn’t have to make dinner during my usual dinner prep time I made cookies. Chocolate chunk chocolate cookies! I did adapt these cookies to use almond/peanut flour and chickpea flour instead of the oat flour to make them grain free. Not only are they yummy and very richly chocolatey they are vegan, refined sugar free, and my version is also grain free! Cookies that are a treat but won’t leave us craving sugar the next day.


This picture really does not do justice to the chocolatey goodness of these cookies. There are chunks of dark chocolate that you just can’t see but you can definitely taste. I’m hoping to use some of these cookies in a toned down version of cheesecake for me to celebrate Brian’s 30th birthday on Monday. He is not a fan of cake but is a huge fan of an oreo cheesecake I made some years ago and it has become tradition that it is birthday treat every year. Just wait until you see the beauty of that cheesecake. No it is not the picture of health but it beautiful and rich looking (and tasting) and it’s a birthday, 30th at that!, so we will live it up (except me who will eat a no sugar version so I can function the next day, ha!).